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Havaianas are the original Brazilian Flip Flops since 1962. The Company was born in 1962 inspired by the first toe sandals born in Japan, the Zhori. The rice-grain sole is a tribute to the first Japanese flip flops, the soles are made of vulcanized rubber which makes them very durable, non-slippery, they do not smell and they are very comfortable.

Havaianas is an international company that spreads the Brazilian style over 100 countries. It has a lot of different models so you can combine as you want because they are continuously refreshing without losing the essence of our brand.

Havaianas is a Brazilian company known for flip-flops.


Havaianas originated in Brazil in 1962 and was inspired by Japanese knickers with fabric straps. And the soles are made of weaved rice plants. Havaianas turned the raw materials into real rubber and designed the name Havaianas (meaning "Hawaiian" in Portuguese) from the island of Hawaii. This is a popular tourist destination for modern people who want to enjoy the fun of summer all year round since 1962.


By 1964, almost everyone in Brazil was wearing Havaianas shoes. Our salespeople would travel throughout Brazil in a Volkswagen Combi van selling shoes directly to their customers. And we'll be thrilled with people seeing the Havaianas vans in the area!

Havaianas Salesmen would sell Havaianas directly from their van.


Havaianas invented the rubber slipper. And this is our proof! In 1966, Alpargatas, the owner of the Havaianas brand, patented the Havaianas rubber sandals that are loved by the world to date!

Havaianas Patent

It started in 1969. Havaianas shoes were only available in white and blue, but in 1969 we had a manufacturing disruption. and got green shoes instead which we have tried to sell in the market It turned out that the feedback was so good that we decided to expand our product selection. By releasing the color version of brown, yellow and black, the first pair of Havaianas.


Several brands have tried to replicate Havaianas for decades, so in the '70s we put out an ad to reinforce the uniqueness of Havaianas shoes with the slogan "Protect yourself from phonies".


The Brazilian government has declared Havaianas an integral part of Brazilian culture and added Havaianas to the list of national products to control inflation in the country. At that time we were selling millions of Havaianas shoes per year in Brazil.

Havaianas were officially recognized as an intrinsic part of Brazilians lives.

Early to mid-1990

Did you know that the Havaianas trend started with creative customers? Flip the white side of the shoe to add a new twist shoe.

After that, the flip-flop trend became so popular that Havaianas decided to launch both one-color versions. and models with hibiscus flowers

After that, we have developed a new color. and new prints including new products such as baby shoes


During the World Cup celebrations in 1998, we introduced the "Havaianas Brazil" model, which featured the Brazilian flag on the straps. Even that year, Brazil will lose. But this shoe has become a popular shoe all over the world to this day.

To celebrate the '98 World Cup Havaianas launch "Havaianas Brazil"


Havaianas had to overcome many hurdles to take the brand into high fashion with its debut on the Jean Paul Gaultier boutique runway show. and launching new products developed with well-known designers from around the world

The Havaianas trend is rapidly spreading around the world. Beginning with market expansion in Australia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, UK, USA, Dominican Republic, and Japan, Havaianas currently has distribution points in more than 100 countries around the world.

Havaianas rapidly spreads throughout the world.


During the millennium year, we released the world's first fluorescent sandals.

Havaianas Glow in The Dark Collection


After that, we have developed a variety of product designs using other materials such as Swarovski crystals and hand-woven nets by craftsmen in northern Brazil. Decorated on Havaianas shoes.

Havaianas Swarovski Crystal Collection


The Havaianas Slim is characterized by a thin sole and a smaller strap. It has been a favorite for women all over the world to this day.

Havaianas Slim Collection

Havaianas holds an event for over 2,000 people holding Havaianas "Lilos" tubing on the beach of Cottesloe, Australia. to raise money for charitable donations At this event, we have been featured in the Guinness World Records, and no one can beat us yet!

Havaianas Thong Challenge


Havaianas has released a special collaboration shoe with Disney. The shoes in this collection feature everyone's favorite Disney characters.

Havaianas Disney Collection


Havaianas 50th Anniversary! We launched a limited edition shoe and the proceeds from the sale of the shoe are donated to UNICEF.

Havaianas 50th Birthday


In 2018, the Havaianas had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week and the editors And celebrities from Europe who attended the event wore Havaianas shoes widely. This resulted in the famous designer Dion Lee from Australia Havaianas shoes are shoes that use the runway in a fashion show of summer 2019, which was held at the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

Havaianas x Dion Lee 


Havaianas collaborated with famous boutique Saint Laurent to co-design a limited edition shoe.

Havaianas x Saint Laurent


In 2020, we've taken a little trip back to the origins of Havaianas and launched The new Tradi Zori, a shoe inspired by the Japanese kickbox, and has blended the past and the future together.

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